• Patricia Scahill


Last night I heard the word "Key" loud and clear. It repeated 3 times. The Lord was sharing it with me, and I feel to release it to you in this hour. Was contemplating in the night and did not want to impart anything of myself into the vision. As you pray over key and keys, allow the Lord to speak, step aside for the revelation of what God is saying to you. In the Hebrew it is "maphteach" - the "opener." Today I declare you will receive His power, answers, insight, understanding, wisdom and doors previously shut will open before you. The Lord is unlocking mysteries and understanding, especially wisdom in this time. As a declaration in your own life, ask the Lord to reveal.

Keys are made for doors; ignitions, start ups, and are for "unlocking." And yes, for locking. Representing authority as well.

I declare we have understanding of the mysteries of the Lord, His will, His timing and His purpose for now. I declare all that is held back shall be released and the forward progress in this time is ordered of the Lord. Keys to financial freedom, healed relationships, ministry, business are being opened up. With the Key is a new alignment, new order that the Lord is bringing and a new level of relationship. It is a time of moving and we are about to go out into the New Place, coming out of where we are. Things have changed, The Lord and His promises and plans remain the same.

Seek the Lord and He will show you the "Key" to this new season and era, follow Him and allow an extraordinary faith to come alive, while you declare what He reveals and walk in it. Matthew 16:19 - Keys to the Kingdom - USE THEM and INQUIRE of the Lord concerning them. Revelation 3:7 - Jesus opens and no one shuts, He shuts and no one opens. Today, allow the Lord to shut what needs shut, and open what needs opened. Let go of the past; things you cannot change for yourself and allow Him to do what needs done! Philippians 4:6 - Pray, and thank the Lord for His provision and answer! May the Lord richly bless your day! - Love, Patty Scahill #key #keys #believe #opendoors #authority #trust #QYM#patriciascahillministries.

Feel free to SHARE! God's promises and Word will break through discouragement and confusion. God bless you.

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