• Patricia Scahill

I don’t claim to be anything I’m not...

I don’t claim to be anything I’m not or speak to those spheres where I am not assigned.

Today I speak and write from the mantle I wear under the directive of my Lord. May this word bless and encourage, activate and release you into the New season of your lives.

Because we are in a pause season of lockdown doesn’t indicate the Lord is not moving! He is moving and we are moving with Him, whether we feel or realize it. We have entered a new time, really new season in the Lord. Doors and assignments are finalized and new are being assigned. God is aligning and re- aligning, bringing order and releasing revelation. Mindsets and structured thinking patterns of old are being broken. There is a battle taking place, and that battle is trying to hold back the forward progress. We are moving into the new season, a season of strong declarations that will decree a thing and see it established for the now and the future. Do not decree where you are - decree where you are going. Decree the blessing of the Lord on your families and finances. Decree “this is my season” and God is catapulting me forward. Decree “I am in the perfect time, season and my new place, purpose and assignment is right in front of me.” Decree I am ahead of the attack and no weapon formed will prosper. Decree I am in the order and perfect alignment of the Lord and in this new season I move in and with the directive wind of Holy Spirit.

It’s a season of speaking into existence the promises of God as there is a new release of the gift of Faith to go to the new place, advance and accelerate in the new.

This faith release will bring with it prosperity, the blessing of the Lord maketh rich (in all things).

Your voice, find your voice. Vision, new vision. Some are feeling like they cannot see - it’s because there is new vision for the season being released. The Lord will reveal it to you as you shift and move with Him. Some are feeling wilderness - stuck- God is moving on your behalf! Deliverance is here, and deliverance is coming. Things, changes we could not find strength to do, He is doing and closing the door so there is no retreat. We must move forward, in order and unity. God is bringing ORDER. There is so much more the Lord is releasing - I will share again. Be encouraged, look and declare into what is coming. Pray for what is going on, however, decree the next season into being. I cannot in my spirit remain in this realm of Covid 19 when the Lord has issued and ushered a new season and era of forward progress / one season ends and a new one begins!! Read: Exodus 12:31-36 / Exodus 13:17 - no turning back to the old, bondages, thoughts, ways - move forward. Job 22:28, “You will also decree a thing and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.” The Lord bless you and yours. I decree you move forward into the new season with expectation of blessings - His Blessings! #season #era #faith #led #provision #decree #patriciascahillministries

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