Listening For The Lord's Voice


Good morning....The SOUND of change is released in the realm of the spirit, even now! I was awakened by the Lord with a reminder to HEAR the sound that was in the atmosphere and what He wanted to share. Alarms, sounds, awakenings, warnings, reminders - each distinct in its own right.

As we move forward we need to have our ears tuned to the sound in the spirit.

Ezekiel 43:2 declares, "and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His VOICE was like the ROAR of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory."

Ezekiel recognized the Presence of the Lord, His Glory, because he had his ear tuned to what the Lord was not only speaking but also what He was revealing.

We know the Lord speaks in the "still small voice." We know He speaks in our spirits, through dreams and visions, and definitely and always through His Word. In this time we need to have our ear tuned to the Holy Spirit and LISTEN to HEAR what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Now beloved, due to situations in the earth we have many who are careful yet fearful of a virus and a pandemic that has a name. We know a Name that is higher than ANY OTHER NAME. His Name is Jesus! Let's trust that Name and continue on the road of faith, not fear or isolation.

The sound in the earth now is an alarm and an awakening. What is the purpose of an alarm? To wake us up! It is a time piece that is used to awaken so we are "on time, in time" for the duties, assignments, appointments of the day. We as the church must arise, hear the sound, answer the call.

Interesting an alarm is used for warnings of on coming inclement storms, weather changes, and flooding. The Shofar was and is used to signal sounds to God's people. We can focus briefly on 2 of the sounds.

One sound is called the Shevarim (Sh’varim). The sounds emanating speaks to those listening for a sound: 'Sleeping ones! Awaken from your sleep! Slumbering ones! Awaken from your slumber! Examine your deeds. Remember your Creator and return to your God! "Repentance"! As we view the earth today, we as the church must awaken to respond to the sound of the Lord in the earth, open our mouths to decree and declare truth and respond in repentance and then move forward. We can no longer get away with slumbering, sleeping and complacency, it is THE TIME TO HEAR THE ALARM AND AWAKEN! Now is not the time to be taking a rest, it's the time to hear and move.

Another sound is called the Teruah (T’ruah, teruwah).

Acclamation of joy or a battle-cry; alarm, blowing of the trumpets; joy, jubilee, loud-noise, rejoicing, shout, sounds! The same word is used for the “Shout” that is made with the VOICE! It was the “SHOUT” of the Shofars combined with the “SHOUT” of the people that brought down the walls of Jericho!

Number 10:9 declares, "And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresses you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets (Shofars); and ye shall be remembered before the Lord your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies."

This is a new day, time, era in the earth; let us be as the sons of Issachar who understand the times and know what to do! Hear HIS VOICE today, and pay attention to the SOUNDS in the earth, in your spirit, in dreams and visions, in the Holy Spirit - TODAY, hear His voice and obey!

I decree we have fine tuned ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His church and we be filled with the Zeal of the Lord to accomplish all that He puts in our hands to do and the declarations and decrees of our mouth be filled with the authority and unction of Heaven, in Jesus Name.


Proverbs 4:25 says, "Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you."

Distractions is one of the tools of the enemy, and the world to pull our attention, hearts and lives away from the Lord. Most of the time they are important and good things that need to be addressed and warrant attention.

However, they can become so much of an attention getter that it can form a pattern of distraction and take us away from what really matters.

Any patterns that "distract" us from the Lord, our prayer time, intimacy with Him, focus us on other things, people or circumstances of life need to be broken.

Our eyes are to look directly forward. We see what is going on in the world. Are our eyes on that, with fear and apprehension? We see the issues in lives and souls needing changed. Are we consumed by that? Finances, relationships, fears, and health?

We look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. He walk by faith and not by sight. "It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord." With our eyes focused directly in front of us we watch the path we are walking on. FORWARD MARCH - church of the Living God. EYES on Jesus Bride of Christ, Filled with Power warriors of the Lord.

All these other things are going to be meaningless, as we release them to the Lord for His covering, and His moving on our behalf. God is in control. We walk by faith and not be sight.

WE are entering a new time, even now and a new season of being clothed in greater power to move and advance in Kingdom business. We seek His Kingdom first and He will take care of the rest. Where is your gaze today? Gaze into His eyes, Look into His face, know that He is for you and not against you. We must move with Him and avoid the distractions. Each and every one is called, anointed and appointed for such a time as this. YES, THAT MEANS YOU! Put aside DISTRACTIONS, BE re-filled with power and His Presence once again! Place His agenda before you, follow His leading and instead of DISTRACTIONS, let the ATTRACTION OF YOUR LOVE FOR HIM AND HIS FOR YOU, bring you into the Presence of His love and Receive your marching orders to go into the New! Single minded and Single sighted! #nodistractions #intimacy #newpatterns #backontrack #deliverance#healing #newday #PSM

Last night I heard the word "Key" loud and clear. It repeated 3 times. The Lord was sharing it with me, and I feel to release it to you in this hour. Was contemplating in the night and did not want to impart anything of myself into the vision. As you pray over key and keys, allow the Lord to speak, step aside for the revelation of what God is saying to you. In the Hebrew it is "maphteach" - the "opener." Today I declare you will receive His power, answers, insight, understanding, wisdom and doors previously shut will open before you. The Lord is unlocking mysteries and understanding, especially wisdom in this time. As a declaration in your own life, ask the Lord to reveal.

Keys are made for doors; ignitions, start ups, and are for "unlocking." And yes, for locking. Representing authority as well.

I declare we have understanding of the mysteries of the Lord, His will, His timing and His purpose for now. I declare all that is held back shall be released and the forward progress in this time is ordered of the Lord. Keys to financial freedom, healed relationships, ministry, business are being opened up. With the Key is a new alignment, new order that the Lord is bringing and a new level of relationship. It is a time of moving and we are about to go out into the New Place, coming out of where we are. Things have changed, The Lord and His promises and plans remain the same.

Seek the Lord and He will show you the "Key" to this new season and era, follow Him and allow an extraordinary faith to come alive, while you declare what He reveals and walk in it. Matthew 16:19 - Keys to the Kingdom - USE THEM and INQUIRE of the Lord concerning them. Revelation 3:7 - Jesus opens and no one shuts, He shuts and no one opens. Today, allow the Lord to shut what needs shut, and open what needs opened. Let go of the past; things you cannot change for yourself and allow Him to do what needs done! Philippians 4:6 - Pray, and thank the Lord for His provision and answer! May the Lord richly bless your day! - Love, Patty Scahill #key #keys #believe #opendoors #authority #trust #QYM#patriciascahillministries.

Feel free to SHARE! God's promises and Word will break through discouragement and confusion. God bless you.